Online Violin Classes/Lessons

Online South Indian Classical/Carnatic & Western violin classes/lessons & Self learning video tutorials

Karthik Subramany offers Carnatic and Western personalized Violin lessons Online via Skype/Google Hangouts. Self Learning violin video tutorials for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level of learners of all ages and locations are also available.

Karthik has been teaching violin for more than a decade and has trained more than 200 students from nearly 25 countries so far. He has been actively performing & giving concerts for more than two decades. He is one of the most sought after violin teachers of Carnatic and Western music internationally today.

About Online Violin Classes

Learn to play basics of Carnatic/Western music step by step on violin easily and advance quickly to higher stages in a shorter duration with the help of video tutorials that explains everything including violin playing techniques along with music theory in detail. Violin lessons are designed to suit student levels & interests. Free Carnatic/Western violin notations/sheet music along with detailed class notes will be provided to all students registered for Online violin classes/Self learning violin video tutorials.

Key Features

Online Classes

  • Regular Skype violin classes, learn from the comfort of your home from anywhere in the world
  • First to offer self learning violin video tutorials in addition to regular violin classes
  • Flexibility to choose time-slots based on mutual convenience
  • One-to-one personalized classes with complete individual attention to intonation, violin playing techniques along with emphasis to music theory

Self Learning (Tutorial based)

  • Learn Carnatic/Western violin anytime during your free time at your own pace!
  • Designed specifically for Graduate students/Working professionals with a busy schedule that are unable to attend regular online classes
  • Video tutorials for violin self learning consists of violin playing techniques along with music theory starting from scratch with in-depth explanation (Content very similar to Online Classes)

How It Works

Online Classes

  • Students are expected to have their own violin before requesting for an online appointment
  • Reliable internet connection with good speed and a silent environment are some of the conditions students are expected to take care of

Self Learning (Tutorial based)

  • Students are expected to have their own violin
  • Consists many tutorial videos along with class notes & notations including how to hold the violin/bow, violin tuning, basic exercises, music theory & much more specifically designed for Beginner students for self learning
  • Video tutorials for Intermediate & Advanced students will also be available for self learning

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Student Testimonials

“I’ve learnt Indian classical violin under four different tutors where the sessions were held in person. Recently, I found Mr. Karthik’s online violin lessons. I chose lessons with video tutorial option and find that I’m making progress in few months which would not have been possible even in years! The violin playing techniques are clearly explained in the video tutorials. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to take the Online violin lessons if one is looking to make quick progress.– Steve Tomlinson, London, UK

“I came across Karthik’s violin videos on YouTube after listening to the Lestat soundtrack and was really impressed with the music he played. I’ve recently signed up for the Carnatic violin lessons and must say that he is an excellent tutor. I’d highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in learning violin. ” – Karl Zeller, Germany

“Excellent trainer and holds great experience. ” – Jashan Mahesh, Bangalore, India

“I’ve been a student of Karthik’s for the past six months, been following his channel for over a year now though. A virtuoso performer himself with a wide gamut of bowing and fingering techniques, lending flexibility to play almost any style of music, he has a strong foundation in the Indian Carnatic music. Apart from being talented in performance, he’s got the ability to impart his techniques in a lucid manner and is a very patient Guru who pushes you to achieve perfection. Choosing samples of greats like M.S. Gopalakrishnan, L.Shankar, V.S Narasimhan, Karthik urges me to play by ear and learn their techniques. I hope to have a long time association with him and learn as much music as I can.”– Sarathram Subbaram, Netherlands

“Karthik is an exceptional violin player and a patient teacher. He emphasizes more on fundamentals and putting in the time to learn them right. Overall I have had a fantastic experience with him over the last 13 months. “– Sridhar, Bangalore, India

“I’ve been attending Mr. Karthik’s online violin classes for more than an year now. I’ve started to learn without knowing a single thing about violin and finding that I’m making good progress with regular practice. He gives much individual attention. He is very patient and friendly; I’ve found him systematic in his teaching approach and is very meticulous about playing it right. The notes provided have good exercise sections. I would definitely recommend his classes to learn violin the right way.Thanks for being such a wonderful teacher!“– Ram Kumar, California, USA

“Karthik is a brilliant violin player and an excellent teacher. He has been incredibly patient and resourceful to me as and when needed. He worked according to my skill and has been pacing me appropriately to ensure the fundamentals are properly learnt before advancing further. I take online classes with Karthik and I have not had any difficulty either with the format or the schedule. Things have been going really well and I am very sure Karthik will help shape up many musical careers through his teaching. “– Sashank Ganti, Iowa, USA

“Mr. Karthik is a very experienced violin tutor and very accomplished violinist too. He gives individual attention and corrects even smallest mistakes. He is very meticulous and gives attention to detail to every lesson. He is a wonderful teacher, one of the best I’ve seen.I have learnt a lot in just 8 months and I’m confident that I would be a semi-professional violinist in future. I’d highly recommend Mr. Karthik to anyone who is seriously looking for an excellent violin teacher. Thank you Sir for all the help. “– Mark Stevens, New York, USA

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